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Advantage Home Exteriors provides yard drains and drainage systems for residents looking for installation services in Baltimore. We know that, sometimes, finding the best home improvement solution for our situation can be frustrating and seem like a drawn out process. It's very easy to start to feel overwhelmed by the wide selection of different home improvement or renovation solutions and techniques eing used in the industry- all which are seemingly good solutions to a problem you may be having. Often times, these choices end up being an issue of personal choice, but we want you to know that our home mprovement company is ready to assist you with your yard drainage problems as soon as possible.

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Yard Drains in Baltimore, MD

Very good work and quality service. Same day service was great and excavation was minimal in my yard. The flooding has completely stopped since the installation and it was a pretty fair quote for what I got. Thanks

Bobby L. - Baltimore, MD 21215

Our Yard Drain Systems

Our home improvement company offers a variety of yard drainage systems which will act as an effective waterproofing technique to safeguard your home and property from further damage. Our yard drainage olutions are quick, affordable, and are designed to last indefinitely at your home.

EnviroHood™ Drainage System

This is an innovative storm water management system that is attached to the inside of a catch basin or manhole designed exclusively to stop the outflow of floating debris or oil. It is molded from high density polyethylene for a lightweight and sturdy design. It is corrugated and this eliminates flat surfaces and provides for increased structural capacity. It is easy to clean and maintain, as well.

Drain Filter & Mitigation

BayFilter™ Flexible Drain Pipes

This drainage system is installed as part of a storm drain. It features a watertight seal and has parallel pipes that enter and leave the storage manhole required for watertight connections. It will be able to prevent storm water from building up on your lawn and causing problems.

Yard Drain Pipes

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